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A beautiful, healthy, weed and insect free lawn is the perfect setting for quality family time, encouraging everything from backyard barbecues to Frisbee tossing. Grow-Tech Turf & Pasture can provide you with affordable, exclusive lawn care programs that are specialized for southern Wisconsin. Our turf care services include a 5 Step Hybrid Turf Program, Core Aeration, Grub Prevention, Total Vegetation Control.


Round 1- Granular Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent Herbicide
This application prevents any grassy weeds from germinating such as: crabgrass, goose grass and foxtail.  Broadleaf weed control (weather permitting)

Round 2- Liquid Fertilizer and Broadleaf weed control
Our very own custom mix of nitrogen, iron and beneficial micro nutrients. Broadleaf weed control that will eradicate dandelions, violets, and creeping charlie

Round 3- Slow Release Granular Fertilizer with Broadleaf and Grassy weed control
This slow releasing formula helps turf from the stress and wears of summer, with spot treatment of any broadleaf and grassy weeds

Round 4- Liquid Fertilizer  and Broadleaf Weed Control
Our very own custom mix of nitrogen, potash, iron, and beneficial micro nutrients. Broadleaf weed control blanket application

Round 5- Winterizer Fertilizer-
Slow release fertilizer to prepare grass for winter. Helps with root development and quicker green up the following Spring.


Core aeration enables your lawn to increase root development as well as reduce thatch build up and soil compaction. An aeration is the process of making thousands of small holes into the lawn. The holes allow fertilizer, water and air to reach the root zone quicker, which will help your lawn to breathe and grow. Performed in the spring or fall.

Grub Prevention

Grubs feed during the warm summer months and often cause extensive damage. They feed on grass and roots. The best time to receive a grub application would be in the summer or early fall.


 Total Vegetation Control

This service will help dispose of any unpleasant weeds and grass that could be growing anywhere from a parking lot, flower beds, along a fence line or growing out of sidewalk cracks,

We Make Great Lawns Happen

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